Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research Organization - STIPRO


STIPRO STI Policy Briefs aims to be an informative resource for policy - makers and others participating in policy debates in Tanzania. The objective is to shed light on crucial problem areas through information and analysis.

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Guided by its Vision, STIPRO’s mission entails the following:

  • To carryout policy research that inform ST&I policies and decisions
  • To undertake capacity building for conducting ST&I policy research
  • To raise public awareness on the role of ST&I for socio-economic development, and of ST&I policy research for evidence-based decisions


A world class centre of excellence and a reference point for science, technology and innovation policy research for evidence based decisions in development in Tanzania and beyond.


  • Independence and objectivity
  • Team work
  • Creativity and efficiency
  • High Quality
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Gender balance


The current Strategic Plan is built on the successes of the previous plan for 2009–2014, which has produced remarkable achievements. Few are worth mentioning here.

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STIPRO has a good relationship with various research organizations around the world. This collaboration takes place in form of joint research projects, and participation in different STIPRO workshops and seminars. STIPRO’s research focuses on the research theme as guided by our current strategic plan (2014/15 – 2018/19) ; Some of our ongoing projects includes VicInAqua

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As part STIPRO’s communication and engagement strategy, the organization organizes and host various workshop event throughout the year. The purpose of the events is to disseminate results, raise awareness and engage in dialogue with different stakeholders on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) issues in Tanzania and around the world.

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As part of STIPRO’s capacity building initiative in the area of in in science, technology and innovation policy research, STIPRO offers a funding opportunity to promising masters’ students from selected universities in Tanzania. A total of 2 to 3 students whose research topics falling within STIPRO’s research agenda are usually supported each year

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