Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research Organization - STIPRO


The current Strategic Plan is built on the successes of the previous plan for 2009–2014, which has produced remarkable achievements. Few are worth mentioning here.

First, there has been an increase in human resource capacity from 1 to 6 in-house researchers. Most of these researchers are the work of STIPRO itself in collaboration with faculties at universities in Tanzania. STIPRO has been supporting Master’s degree dissertations focusing on ST&I issues and those who performed above average were employed by STIPRO.

Based on the achievements of the previous plan the overall goal for this plan is to continue carrying out policy research in the field of science, technology and innovation in Tanzania, with strong link to policy. Given the scarce human resources in the area, embedded in policy research and policy linkage, is need for capacity building in these areas. The capacity building aspect of "International Scholars who are STIPRO fellows with some of the STIPRO staff " 7 this objective is to have a critical mass of ST&I policy researchers in Tanzania that will assist in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating evidence-based ST&I decisions, including policies. Enhanced capacity to continuously monitor and evaluate the national systems of innovation will ensure sustained production, dissemination and use of knowledge for competitive national economy, as well as for equitable and sustainable development. Under the plan the focus will be on the following broad objectives:

  • To increase the quantity and quality of human resources at STIPRO;
  • To increase the volume and quality of knowledge created by STIPRO that will support policy process and other decisions;
  • To achieve a wider dissemination of knowledge created by STIPRO through effective engagement with stakeholders;
  • To improve the organizational performance of STIPRO through mobilization and efficient use of resources..

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