Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research Organization - STIPRO

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Number of Subcategories: 16
folder_blue.png WORKSHOPS Files: 0
folder.png Energy and Industrialization Roundtable Files: 1
folder.png 2017 Annual research dissemination workshop Files: 7
folder.png Seminar on Local Content Development and Technological Capability Building in the Oil and Gas Sector Files: 2
folder.png 2016 Annual Research Dissemination Workshop Files: 5
folder.png Roundtable Discussion on Innovation for Sustainable Industrial Development in Tanzania Files: 4
folder.png 3rd Annual Research Workshop (2013) Files: 11
folder.png 2nd Annual Research Research Workshop (2012) Files: 10
folder.png Workshop on Institutional Technology Transfer Policies and Strategies in East Africa Files: 7
folder.png FDI Workshop Files: 4
folder.png Workshop on Tanzania National Discourse on Innovation Files: 12
folder.png Innovation W/Shop Panels Files: 2
folder.png Globelics Seminar on Innovation and Economic Development Files: 15
folder.png Round Table Discussion on FDI and Local Technological and Innovation Capability Building Files: 3
folder.png Stakeholders' Workshop on Strategic Planning Files: 8
folder.png Role of Research in Development in Tanzania Files: 5
folder.png Media Coverage and Promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation in Tanzania Files: 4

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