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Explaining persistence of subsistence farming as a ‘lock-in’:

Lessons from the Tanzanian rural poultry industry;

“The paper is broadly concerned with what constrains innovation in subsistence agriculture, and how the public sector can intervene to promote trans-formative processes that guarantee inclusive growth."

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Industrialization in Africa, Past experiences and Lessons from 3 selected countries

The purpose of the review is therefore to try to learn from past mistakes, while reinforcing the success stories in the current industrialization agenda.

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Opportunities for learning and upgrading within agricultural global value chains

The main research question was to find out if there is any benefit to farmers participating in a global agricultural value chain in terms of learning of farmer and upgrading of their product and processes.

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The Critical Role of Agriculture in Industrialization

Tanzania is currently emphasizing the development of industry as a way to radically reduce poverty and achieve middle income status by 2025. It is the process in which a country transforms itself from a primarily agricultural society into one based on the manufacturing of goods and services (structural transformation).

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